West Hempstead Softball League

Tuesday Night Draft League


League Rules – Abridged - Spring 2022



                                    Section I - Rules of the Game:




The rules of a regulation game of the Hillcrest Softball League – Tuesday Night Draft League will be the same rules as a standard regulation ASA softball game, unless the rule is in conflict with, or supplemented by the official league rules document.


This is the abridged rules version which contains noteworthy or more clearly written language of rules. The official league rules document supersedes the abridged rules document.


Article I - Number of Players, Lineups and Fielding Requirements:


-          Need 7 players to play a game.


-          Only 7 players present, the other team must supply a catcher.


-          A team may pretty much rotate players in the field freely. Only one player is allowed to field but not hit.


-          You must have a minimum of 8 in the lineup, or you take automatic outs.


-          If you want to have 10 fielders, you have to bat 10 hitters in the lineup. If your 10th player is late, you’ll have to take an automatic out in the lineup if you want to field 10 later in the game. If you want to have 9 fielders, you have to bat 9 hitters in the lineup. If your 9th player is late, you’ll have to take an automatic out in the lineup if you want to field 9 later in the game.


-          If you have at least 9 players at game time, the game starts. If you have at least 8 players within 10 minutes of game time, the game starts.


-          If you are the home team and you don’t have enough players to start – the away team automatically has the OPTION of becoming the home team for the game to get the game started.


Article II - Eligible Players:


-          No professional baseball players allowed.


-          You may only use official roster players unless the commissioner/president approve.


-          Please consult the commissioner/president if you have roster issues prior to a game.


Article III – Mercy Rules, and Forfeiting:


-          Regular season mercy rule is 10 runs AFTER 5, or go up by 15 runs anytime after 3 innings.


-          Playoff mercy rule is 12 runs AFTER 5.


Article IV – The Strike Zone:


-          Is between the batter's arm pits and lower knees.


Article V – Other Batting Rules:


-          Bunting – Is a strike. Bunt on two strikes and you are out.


Article VI – Base Leading / Base Running:


-          Leading is allowed only after the release of the pitch by the pitcher. No stealing – there is a force back to the base after every pitch.


-          Tagging up is allowed at all bases.


-          Time Out can only be requested by the player, but it has to be granted by the umpire.


Article VIII – Pitching


-          This league will use standard ASA MODIFIED pitching rules unless otherwise noted.


-          Must use an underhand motion. No windmill.


-          A pitcher must release the ball having one foot either on or behind the pitching rubber line.  A pitcher may take at most ONE step up to the pitching rubber prior to releasing a pitch. No running up.


-          When throwing a pitch, a pitcher’s planted foot cannot veer more than a half foot off horizontally (left or right) of the pitching rubber.


-          8 warm-up pitches are allowed before a pitcher’s first inning of pitching. Between innings, pitchers get 3 warm up pitchers, and can be granted two additional warm-up pitches by the umpire.


-          Pitching rubber distance to home plate: 43 Feet



Article IX – Courtesy Runners:


-                      THREE players can get a courtesy runner for them during the game. They need not be run for every time.


-                      If there is an emergency, you can also get a free courtesy runner.


-                      The player that runs as a courtesy is the last player to bat who isn’t on base and who isn’t scored (not necessarily the last batted out), or any player on the team’s bench who is not currently in the lineup.


Article X - Pinch Hitters / Runners and Designated Fielder Changes:


-          Pinch hitters/runners as normal, but the player who is pinch hit/run for can typically still field.


Article XI - Emergency Situations:


-          In a non-medical emergency, if a player leaves, the lineup spot will take an automatic out. If it’s a medical emergency, you can skip the lineup spot.


Article XII - Ground Rules


-          If both captains agree, you can change a ground rule change.


-          The dugout is out of play, and the extension of the back of the dugout line to infinity is also out of play.


-          If a ball is hit into the end of the outfield, into the bushes/trees/fence, the umpire will judgmentally award all runners with the bases that the player(s) would have easily gotten.


Article XIII – Field Dimensions:


i)                   Pitching rubber distance to home plate: 43 Feet

ii)                 All bases will be 65 feet apart



              Section II - Equipment, Dress Code, Injury and Conduct:


Article I - Gloves and Safety Equipment:


-          Bring your own equipment – bats, gloves, any safety equipment.


-          All teams must provide their OWN catcher’s mask at their OWN cost. The opposing team does NOT have to share a catcher’s mask.


-          Catchers will NOT be allowed behind the plate if they are not masked.


-          Metal cleats are NOT allowed at any games.


Article II - Bats and Balls:


-           Bats will not be provided. Certified ASA softball metal bats only.


-           Bats do NOT have to be shared by teams.


-           Game balls will be provided. The official ball is the clincher.


Article III - Captains and Equipment:


-           It is the captain’s job to ensure that his team brings the necessary equipment to each game.


Article IV - Injury:


i)          WARNING!!! The league is not responsible for any injures! You are playing at your own risk! All safety equipment you require should be brought by you, with you to all games. The league will not be held liable for any and all injures


ii)         All players playing in an official West Hempstead League softball game are required to sign a liability waiver (either a paper document or an electronic google form style waiver).


Article VI - Alcoholic Beverages and Smoking


-           There will be NO alcoholic beverages permitted at any field during a game by any player.  There is no smoking or vaping ANYWHERE near the field. If an umpire, league official or park employee catches you – you or your team may be suspended or expelled from the league without refund.


Article VII - Conduct


i)          There is to be no arguing with umpires.  Only the CAPTAIN may appeal a GAME RULE.  Judgment calls may NOT be appealed.  An umpire may eject an unruly player at his discretion without refund.


ii)         No offensive behavior or bad language towards opposing players.


Article VIII – Protests / Appeals


-           Want to protest a game? Tell the other captain, the umpire and text the  commissioner/president. He will decide within a week after conducting an investigation. It has to be a league rule, not a judgement call.



Article IX – Waivers


i)          All players must complete and sign the official league waiver and release of liability before playing in any league games.



                Section III - The Season Schedule:


Article II – Game Length and Duration of Games:


-           7 inning games (subject to time constraints).


-           Games will have a start time of either 7:45 PM ET or 9:30 PM ET.

-           Games will have an official start time of either 7:50 PM ET or 9:35 PM ET.


-           For 7:50 PM games, no new inning shall start after 9:25 PM. Games will not be permitted to play past 9:40 PM for any reason.

For 9:30 PM games, no new inning shall start after 11:10 PM. Games will not be permitted to play past 11:25 PM for any reason.


Article III - Extra Innings


-           All extra innings will begin with a runner on second base.


Article IV - Official Games


-          Games are official after 4 full innings.


-          Games are replayed if less than 4 full innings unless a team is winning by 5 runs (then becomes suspended)


-          Games may end in a tie.


-          Games are official after 4 innings.


-          If a playoff game is tied, then the higher seed moves on to the next playoff round.



Article III - Standings:


See the full rules document for tie-breakers.


Article IV - The Playoffs:


-          All teams make the playoffs (and will be assigned #1, #2, #3 seeds).


-          First round of playoffs - #3 vs #2 seed. Loser moves to semi-final game, winner moves to second round of playoffs


-          Second round of playoffs - #3 vs #2 winner vs #1 seed. Loser moves to semi-final game, winner moves to championship game.


-          Semi-Finals – The losers of the 1st and 2nd round playoff games will play. Loser of semi-finals is eliminated from the playoffs. Winner moves to the championship game.


-          Championship game – Will be between the winners of the second round of the playoffs and semi-finals. Higher seed for this game is the winner of the second round of playoffs. Winner of the championship game will be declared the “League champions.”


Article V - More Playoff Rules:


-          All playoff games may be scheduled as part of doubleheader.


-          Higher seed is home team in off games of playoff rounds. Lower seed is home team in even games of playoff rounds.






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